I have used Carl Mellinger and his crew on a regular basis for more than 6 years in the park I manage. And I have always been most satisfied with his - and their - work.

Carl is great at investigating - and diagnosing - tree needs and problems and, with his dry sense of humor, he's always a pleasure to deal with. In addition to the usual trimming and basic work, like taking down dead trees stressed by the drought, he's also handled some very special cases here - including engineering a unique way to support our 60-foot-tall, 200-year-old-plus "Mother Oak," suffering from rot that is weakening her, so that we may enjoy her shade and beauty for years to come.

Carl's crew has always been good, in my experience. They work efficiently - and safely - and do terrific clean-up after the job. And the climbers are a wonder to watch, balanced high up in a tree canopy, with a safety rope in one hand and a chain-saw in the other. I frequently recommend Carl to folks who call my office looking for an arborist and will happily continue to do so.

-Jim H., Beverly Hills

Driving around LA, I often see trees that have been topped and pruned to the point of maiming and killing them. They are like silent beings, unable to speak up and to fend for themselves, even as they provide great comfort, beauty, and health for us and our environment.

I always resolved that if I needed tree care, I would seek out and try to have the best person help if I could. It turns out that this person does exist in Los Angeles! His name is Carl Mellinger, a consulting arborist -- meaning a "preeminent authority on matters related to trees" (think: tree scientist and physician all rolled into one) -- and a great guy who cares deeply about trees and the environment.

Carl visited my home, examined my trees and soil, and gave me expert advice. He followed that up with dialogue about care and suggestions for a new tree I wanted to plant in the front. Later, his wonderful team came out to plant the tree and do some pruning. I could see and feel how happy the trees were after the visit!

I recently referred Carl to a friend who was looking for a good company to diagnose and prune her trees, and will continue to do so without hesitation. Thank you, Mellinger Tree Service, for serving an important role in our community.

-Christine K., Studio City

One of the benefits of this company is that Carl is a certified arborist. He came out promptly to assess my trees. I had several trees in need of trimming including a camphor, eucalyptus and redwood. He recommended minor work to the trees as well as recommended some feeding of a camphor. The crew did an excellent job and cleaned up well. I'm a very happy customer. I appreciate the fact that Carl is involved in the community and shares his expertise with some local non-profits. Carl also left wood chips for mulch.

-Marie S., Pacific Palisades

"I bought a 5" Ralphs Christmas pine tree with a shiny gold plastic wrap & a bright red bow and the tree survived the holiday season. It was planted too close to the corner of the house and forgotten. Only for 11 years. When I called Mellinger Certified Arborist, it was clear that I totally loved the now-monster Stone Pine tree, which not only cooled the house but also sun-bathed a considerable section of its roof.

The fire insurance had been canceled because the agency claimed no house under the branches could be seen on Google maps. (Slight exaggeration.)

Mellinger's people were top-notch in every aspect of the entire experience. Carl Mellinger is an old-fashioned gentleman, and he has a hands-on company. From phone contact to on-site appraisal, written estimate, and extraordinarily masterful branch thinning work, this company can do no wrong."

-Gregg G., Signal Hill, CA

"The job you did on my property for me was beautiful work. Fantastic job. I am delighted!"

-Sandra N., Pacific Palisades

Andrew and his crew were fabulous. They brought not only expertise, but also positive energy to their work. Our property is a better place having been treated with their respect for plants and sensitive eyes.

-C.F., Malibu

Two years ago, I acquired a property in Santa Monica that includes a giant Moreton Bay Fig tree. The tree is roughly one hundred years old. It is believed by some to be the finest example of its kind in Southern California. Trees like this exist not just for private enjoyment but are also something of a public trust.

At that time, I hired Carl Mellinger as my arborist because I took the trees on property seriously and I wanted the best. I have not been disappointed. Carl's vast knowledge, his conscientiousness, his candor, his abilities as a teacher, and most of all, his profound love of trees have been invaluable in this effort.

The Moreton Bay Fig tree, for example, had been very aggressively pruned in the past, of which we had photographic documentation. Carl explained to me the biological and aesthetic value of a gentler and more artistic approach, and in just two years this approach has yielded a more pleasing and organic shape to the tree, which will also, I believe, contribute to its long-term health.

He is always one to go the extra yard to make sure that the trees on my property have not been under assault from various pathogens. Carl and his team have been extremely thorough in both analyzing the pathogens that are (and gratefully, are not) attacking my trees and in taking punctilious protective measures to ensure that they are not infected in the future.

Carl has also consulted for me on the installation of several large, mature Podocarpus trees. Again, I was impressed by his knowledge, his conscientiousness, and the breadth of his relationships with other arborists, landscape architects and tree farms, and the respect he commands in that community. Fitting the trees within the built environment in a way that the trees would thrive presented several challenges, and Carl was, again, invaluable in this effort. I always felt he was protecting my (substantial) investment.

This is the third home I have owned, and I have dealt over the years with many arborists. I can say without question that Carl Mellinger is head and shoulders above the rest.

-Paul A., Santa Monica

Every time I turn into the beginning of my driveway, I have a good view of the tops of the large eucalyptus trees in the backyard. They look absolutely great. I have a very good feeling about the condition of the trees, I am joyful about how beautiful they look, and I feel immense gratitude to you and your crew for the excellent work. I see badly pruned trees constantly as I drive around the area - painfully ineptly trimmed trees. I am glad that Mellinger Tree is totally committed to doing skillful work, which does not harm, but rather encourages trees to be healthy and handsome.

I am grateful to you for your vision, and the tone you set for correct application of the standards for good practice of ISA. I will recommend you to my friends. As you well know, many people are not receptive to good pruning. Saving money is the only consideration, for understandable reasons. I will do what I can to encourage people to see the larger issues, and how valuable and important it is to prune correctly.

-Lorna M., Manhattan Beach